lunedì, luglio 17, 2006

SLAM! Sports - 2010 Vancouver - Don't skimp: Turin chief

SLAM! Sports - 2010 Vancouver - Don't skimp: Turin chief: "TOROC chief executive Cesare Vaciago told a Friday news conference that Vancouver's $580 million construction budget - among the tiniest in modern Olympic history - is too small. The taxpayer-funded venue building program is already $110 million over the original $470 million estimate. Torino spent $1.4 billion, which included a new hockey rink. Unlike Torino, Vancouver already has General Motors Place. Vaciago maintains VANOC's budget 'seems extremely strict.'

'I hope they do it,' he said. 'You cannot take one dollar away from that.'

TOROC president Valentino Castellani said Torino's far-flung venues created additional 'logistics problems and costs' that Vancouver's plan avoids. Ice events will be in Vancouver and Richmond and snow events in West Vancouver and Whistler. Castellani said Torino's other regret was not making the Games a nationwide celebration."

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