giovedì, novembre 27, 2008

orino designated European Youth Capital 2010

Chosen amongst 15 other candidate cities, Torino was awarded Saturday the title of European Youth Capital 2010 (EYC 2010) by Bettina Schwarzmayr, President of the European Jury and President of the European Youth Forum. The ceremony took place last Saturday, 15 November in Rotterdam City Hall, at the end of the European Youth Forum General Assembly.

mercoledì, novembre 26, 2008

Artissima 2008

Artissima 2008, originally uploaded by seiciis.

mercoledì, novembre 19, 2008


BW SML :D, originally uploaded by borgmarc.

sabato, novembre 15, 2008

the vermouth and the dog

the vermouth and the dog, originally uploaded by nciò.

giovedì, novembre 13, 2008


door-torino, originally uploaded by brucesflickr.


skiffs-afloat, originally uploaded by brucesflickr.